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Reference installation in Andorra: Pellet stove in a Bungalows - Ecoforest

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Andorra: Mountain Bungalows

Awesome installation on a camping in Andorra where each bungalow is equipped with one of our Basic pellet stoves. Due to the height at which they are located and the working pressures that these stoves have to endure, the Ecoforest technical team had to develop a special configuration for its correct operation.

This is possible due to the fact that Ecoforest fully develops our equipment, including the electronic board and its software. Thus we manage to adapt our products to the demands of the installation, achieving impossible installations with exceptional performances.


Installation data:

  Location: Alt de Griu, Andorra

  Year: 2018

  Category: Biomass - Air pellet stove (pellets)

  Model: Basic

  Power: 5,5 kW

  Services: Heating