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Should have seen it coming. Sam and I tried to a mingle a little, to get a feel for the crowd, and ended up getting jumped by some big bastard in an alien horse costume. That wasn't what took me off-guard - I'd have to be an idiot not to expect a fistfight or two. What took me off-guard was Jey intervening on our behalf. In retrospect, I absolutely should have seen that coming. Jey always found a way to say or do just the right thing at just the right moment to make you forget you couldn't trust them, and then they'd bat those eyelashes and ask for something and in that moment, it was impossible to think of any reason to say no. I knew immediately that we should have just fought the alien snail-horse. I asked Jey if I could have another mushroom. They asked if I was going to smoke it. I said no, so they gave me one. I smoked it.
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