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Seminal vesicles
...  The amount of seminal fluid that is produced by each species of mammal varies; but in humans, the average was determined to be at sixty percent for the two vesicles. The length of each of the Seminal vesicles can be deceiving, because the long tubules are folded in a compact manner. These tubules are connected to the vas deferens, which is another tube that is used for the transfer of  ...

...  in semen The mature spermatozoa are then delivered to the urethra by the vas deferens. On its way to the urethral opening, fluids from the prostate gland containing Acid Phosphatase (ACP) and the Seminal vesicles containing fructose and essential substances mix with the sperm to form semen. Without these substances, reduction of the viability of the spermatozoa or sperm cells occurs. Normal  ...

...  this androgen which is also known as an anabolic steroid because it increases muscle growth during male maturation that is responsible for the onset of secondary sex organs such as the prostate and Seminal vesicles. Androgens are responsible for stimulating other organs such as the larynx, which causes a deep voice range in men. It also stimulates the growth of bone which results in thicker  ...

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