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Haibane Renmei – (TV) – 94/100
Hajime no Ippo – (TV) – 85/100
Hajime no Ippo – New Challenger – (TV) – 87,5/100
Hakaba Kitarou – (TV) – 88/100
The Hakkenden – (OVA) – 85/100
Halo Legends – (OVA) – 85/100
Hanada Shounen Shi – (TV) – 85/100
Hanamaru Youchien – (TV) – 80/100
Hana-Saku Iroha – (TV) – 85/100
Hanoka – (TV) – 74/100
Haru no Ashioto The Movie: Ourin Dakkan – (Movie) – 66/100
Hashire, Melos! – (Movie) – 82,5/100
Hataraki Man – (TV) – 85/100
Hataraku Maou-Sama – (TV) – 81/100
Hatenkou Yuugi – (TV) – 70/100
Heartcatch Precure – (TV) – 87,5/100
Heartcatch Precure Movie – Hana no Miyako de Fashion Show… desu ka? – (Movie) – 82,5/100
Heat Guy J – (TV) – 85/100
Hen Zemi – (TV) – 75/100
Here is Greenwood – (OVA) – 77/100
Heroic Age – (TV) – 73/100
Heroman – (TV) – 72,5/100
Hetalia: Axis Powers – (TV) – 77,5/100
Hetalia: Axis Powers Second Season – (TV) – 77,5/100
Hi no Tori – (TV) – 93/100
Hi no Tori – Houou-Hen – (Movie) – 90/100
Hi no Tori Uchuu-Hen – (OVA) – 90/100
Hi no Tori Yamato Hen – (OVA) – 82,5/100
Highlander – Search for Vengeance -72/100
High School of the Dead – (TV) – 80/100
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – (TV) – 91/100
Hikaru no Go – (TV) – 87,5/100
Himitsu ~The Revelation~ – (TV) – 92,5/100
His and Her Circumstances – (TV) – 85/100
Hitohira – (TV) – 88/100
Hitsuji no Uta – (OVA) – 86/100
Honey and Clover – (TV) – 90/100
Honey and Clover II – (TV) – 87,5/100
Hoshi no Umi no Amuri – (OVA)
Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo – (Movie) – 82,5/100
Hotarubi no Mori he – (Movie) – 85/100
Hourou Musuko – (TV) – 87,5/100
Howl’s Moving Castle – (Movie) – 67/100
Human Crossing – (TV) – 86/100
Hunter x Hunter – (TV) – 82,5/100
Hunter X Hunter OVA – (OVA) – 90/100
Hunter X Hunter – Greed Island – (OVA) – 85/100
Hunter X Hunter – Greed Island Final – (OVA) – 70/100
Hyouge Mono – (TV) – 87,5/100
Hyakko – (TV) – 85/100
Hyper Future Vision: Gunnm – (OVA) – 86/100
Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – (TV) – 80/100
Ie Naki Ko – (TV) – 87,5/100
Ie Naki Ko Remi – (TV) – 82,5/100
Igano Kabamaru – (TV) – 80/100
Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – (TV) – 82,5/100
Infinite Ryvius – (TV) – 92,5/100
Interlude – (OVA) – 75/100
Interstella 5555 The 5tory of the 5ecret 5star 5ystem – (Movie) – 80/100
Inu X Boku SS – (TV) – 84/100
Invincible Superman Zambot 3 – (TV) – 80/100
Iron Man – (TV) – 52,5/100
Irresponsible Captain Tylor – (TV) – 85/100
Itazura na Kiss – (TV) – 75/100
Jigoku Shoujo – (TV) – 92/100
Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori – (TV) – 88/100
Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae – (TV) – 87,5/100
Jin Roh – The Wolf Brigade – (Movie) – 89/100
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – (TV) – 82,5/100
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – (TV) – 89/100
Jormungand – (TV) – 80/100
Jormungand Perfect Order – (TV) – 84/100
Jubei-Chan Siberian Yagyuu – (TV) – 89/100
Jungle Emperor Leo – (OVA) – 77,5/100
Junkers Come Here – (Movie) – 87,5/100
Junjo Romantica 2 – (TV) – 75/100
Junjo Romantica – (TV) – 82,5/100
Jyuu Oh Sei – (TV) – 73/100

K – (TV) – 79/100
Kai Doh Maru – (Movie) – 74/100
Kaiba – (TV) – 95/100
Kaidan Restaurant – (TV) – 77,5/100
Kaleido Star – (TV) – 90/100
Kamichu – (TV) – 85/100
Kamisama Kazoku – (TV) – 59/100
Kamisama no Memo-Chou – (TV) – 85/100
Kanashimi no Belladonna – (Movie) – 85/100
Kamisama Hajimemashita – (TV) – 84/100
Kannadzuki no Miko – (TV) – 67/100
Kannagi – (TV) – 75/100
Kanon (2006) – (TV) – 80/100
Kappa to Coo no Natsuyasumi – (Movie) – 80/100
Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners – A Study in Murder (Part 1) – (Movie) – 77,5/100
Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners – A Study in Murder (Part 2) – (Movie) – 82,5/100
Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners – Hollowness – (Movie) – 85/100
Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners – Oblivion Recorder – (Movie) – 77,5/100
Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners – Overlooking View – (Movie) – 82/100
Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners – Paradox Spiral – (Movie) – 85/100
Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners – Remaining Sense of Pain – (Movie) – 82,5/100
Karas – (OVA) – 81/100
Karigurashi no Arrietty – (Movie) – 85/100
Karura Mau – (OVA) – 85/100
Katanagatari – (TV) – 82,5/100
Kawaguchi Kaiji’s 9 Love Stories – (Movie) – 82/100
Kawa no Hikari – (OVA) – 75/100
Kaze no Shoujo Emily – (TV) – 94/100
Kaze no Youjinbo – (TV) – 85/100
Kazemakage Tsukikage Ran – (TV) – 78/100
Kekkaishi – (TV) – 84/100
Kemono no Souja Erin – (TV) – 85/100
Kemonozume – (TV) – 81/100
Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho – (TV) – 78/100
Kenran Butou Sai: The Mars Daybreak – (TV) – 60/100
Kero Kero Chime – (TV) – 83/100
Key the Metal Idol – (TV) – 85/100
Kiki’s Delivery Service – (Movie) – 88/100
Kimagure Orange Road – (TV) – 80/100
Kimagure Orange Road – I Want To Return To That Day – (Movie) – 87,5/100
Kimagure Orange Road OVA – (OVA) – 85/100
Kimagure Orange Road – Summer’s Beginning – (Movie) – 82,5/100
Kimagure Robot – (OVA) – 85/100
Kimikiss – Pure Rouge – (TV) – 81/100
Kimi ni Todoke – (TV) – 75/100
Kimi ni Todoke Second Season – (TV) – 80/100
Kimi to Boku – (TV) – 80/100
Kimi to Boku Season 2 – (TV ) – 84/100
King of Bandits Jing – (TV) – 77,5/100
King of Bandits Jing In Seventh Heaven OVA – (TV) – 85/100
King of Thorn – (Movie) – 85/100
Kino no Tabi – Life Goes On – (Movie) – 75/100
Kino no Tabi – The Beautiful World – Byouki no Kuni -For You – (Movie) – 85/100
Kino no Tabi – (TV) – 87/100
Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula – (TV) – 73/100
Kobato – (TV) – 87.5/100
Kodomo no Jikan – (TV) – 76/100
Kodomo no Omocha – (TV) – 90/100
Koi Kaze – (TV) – 85/100
Kokuriko Zaka Kara – (Movie) – 81/100
Konnichiwa Anne – (TV) – 77,5/100
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? – (TV) – 70/100
Kotoura-san – (TV) – 80/100
Koukaku no Regios – (TV) – 70/100
Kowarekake no Orgol – (OVA) – 60/100
Kuchuu Buranko – (TV) – 82,5/100
Kuragehime – (TV) – 85/100
Kurenai – (TV) – 86/100
Kurogane Communication – (TV) – 82,5/100
Kurokami The Animation – (TV) – 67,5/100
Kuroshitsuji Episodes 05-08 and 17-24 – (TV) – 80/100
Kuroshitsuji II – (TV) – 85/100
Kurozuka – (TV) – 82,5/100
Kuruneko – (TV) – 80/100
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu – (OVA) – 80/100
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – (TV – 80/100
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 2 – (TV) – 76/100
Kyousogiga – (TV) – 90/100

Last Exile – (TV) – 87,5/100
Last Exile – Ginyoku no Fam – (TV) – 80/100
Laputa: Castle in the Sky – (Movie) – 83/100
Le Chevalier d’Eon – (TV) – 91/100
Legendary Gambler Tetsuya – (TV) – 82,5/100
Legend of the Galactic Heroes – (OVA) – 92,5/100
Legend of the Galactic Heroes – A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights – (OVA) – 87,5/100
Legend of the Galactic Heroes – My Conquest is the Sea of Stars – (Movie) – 82,5/100
Legend of Galactic Heroes – Spiral Labyrinth – (OVA) – 85/100
Les Miserables – Shoujo Cosette – (TV) – 94/100
Letter Bee – (TV) – 80/100
Letter Bee Reverse – (TV) – 85/100
Level E – (TV) – 90/100
Like the Clouds, Like the Wind – (Movie) – 82/100
Little Busters – (TV) – 77,5/100
Little Princess Sara – (TV) – 85/100
Loups Garous – (Movie) – 70/100
Lucky Star – (TV) – 60/100
Lupin III – Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna – (TV) – 86/100

Golden Kamuy got me all excited about Russo-Japanese war stuff, went off and watched Hill 203 and found an obscure Akira Kurosawa film (which he wrote) called Advance patrol.
@Anon: Might be to my interest, I love political/conspiracy stuff, especially East European.
love how alternate history is getting more attention from mainstream television lately
anyone watch 1983 episode 1 yet?
*about it
I'm actually in the mood right now for adventure stuff like this, there is a manga called It's my life. Also about a guy and a kid going from town to town.
@Aidan: I read five volumes of a manga called Somali yo mori no kami sama and noticed you made a post about it. I generally agree with what you said about. The parts with the witch girl, the chapters with the harpy girl and the bit with the golem actually getting violently angry were my favourite parts.
I have this itch now to watch the original again.
I just want all of the new boogipop phantom to air right now, I genuinely can't wait for it.
@Kaiser: That makes it Promised Mob Psycho Neverland
Promised neverland and Mob are tied in the poll.
@Kaiser-Eoghan - Ok. I just didn't felt like it had much closure in the final scenes. Though I suppose "that scene" was sort of like the climax of the movie.
I remember a lesbian themed comedy film based on a play where an old woman busts her friend out of a care home and they go on a road trip to Canada to get married, picking up some young guy along the way.
@Vonter: I watched 3 recent latin films, each of them rocks in their own ways. Roma is the most critical-darling amongst the bunch. Then I also watcjed Birds of Passage, about the rise (and eventually fall) of an extended family selling weeds in Colombia. The third one, The Heiresses is a favorite of mine. It’s rare to have the leads as 60 something lesbian couple, and the entire cast are women
@Vonter: If you scroll down far enough myself and Mario talked about that film.
Overall I still think this season is lacking focus compared to the first season though. It just drifts in all these different directions without really trying to tie them together in any way. And I'm getting a bit fed up with all these near-deaths. How many times has a character been saved (or spared) at the last moment now? It's lazy writing.
I love how Urobuchi keeps subverting expectations with his characters. You think the Hunting Fox will be furious over his loss of status? Nope, he just shrugs it off and pisses off Lin as a result. You think the Monk is being controlled by his sword? Nope, he fell in love with her of his own will (I think?), and now he's firmly in control, acting like an obsessive boyfriend and everything.
The director is the same as Gravity and the third Harry Potter movie (Azkaban).
@Lenlo - Try watching mexican films most of them are very downbeat and tragic. Latest one I watched was Roma. About a neighborhood in Mexico City during the 70s. And the story of the maid of a middle class family.
Thats fine. Endings can largely be personal preference. Im just a bad man enjoy tragedies. <3
Regarding tragic endings, I prefer them to happy ones, largely because, even if the character has had a miserable existence, giving them a crueller ending prevents them being given the storytelling equivalent of a handout.
Actually, this was a season of surprises for me, I expected nothing of bunny-senpai, as far as I was concerned enjoying gridman would be impossible for me and I initially avoid run with the wind cause I know so little about sports. All three ended up being my favourites this season and this site was able to convince me to watch them.
Not only did they simplify the FRANXX's plot, but they even disregarded themes they were exploring, plot threads that were considered, characterizations that were supposed to be more nuanced, in favor of giving us an obviously evil villain who are aliens, no one dies expect for side characters who were rewritten to be antagonized, and an unconditionally happy ending.
Its a miracle I really liked gridman, especially the latest episodes and since the second half started.
Meanwhile, with Gridman, we basically have a subversion of tokusatsu tropes written by an actual toku writer and pulls it off in fact, while being an affectionate homage to the genre at the same time.
It seemed like CloverWorks ended up taking over production late in the game and decided to greatly simplify the plot, disregarding most of the worldbuilding that Trigger previously contributed.
I will say though that Trigger seems to have trouble working with others due to the clashes they had with CloverWorks during FranXX's production. That must've contributed a lot to the huge story problems and inconsistencies later on.
I find it interesting that we got both the best and worst of Trigger in one year. What they're really good at, and what they're really limited at, and the bad habits they can't seem to quit doing, although it's clearly more apparent in the Trigger show that aired earlier compared to the show that aired later.
@Amagi: Back in the day where I was more open to watching everything, H20 tricked me with its first couple of episodes, the ending was insulting as was that middle joke episode.
I feel Natsuyuki sort of takes away the attention from the authors other work, Sekine-kun no koi.
@SuperMario: Natsuyuki was kinda good I agree. Josei tend to be pretty good in general since they are often kinda down to earth even while dealing with supernatural elements. Shoujos on the other hand are usually bad and most of them feel like the same series.
We will have to disagree here, Amagi. It’a the drama of the 2nd season that raises the show several notches. For me, every single drama hits and it hots hard
Yahari was another one of those weird shows. I enjoyed the first season. Kinda. But the second made me mad. I didn't even get what happened, it felt like the author was suddently trying create drama while knowing absolutely nothing about drama. I think it was one of the worst cases of forced drama I've witnessed and I usually hate using these buzzwords.
... mature romance show. A bit drags in the middle but it has well-developed cast
Also, I finished Natsuyuki Rendezvous the other day. It’s a solid,
I think the worst shows I have ever seen were all adaptions of horrible harem VNs or LNs. If someone is masochistic they should give H2O or Myself;Yourself and the likes a try.
But I absolutely agree. In fact, watching Haganai I have more appreciation to Yahari
Apprently Yahari copied the concept of Haganai thou, from what I heard
@Amagi: We can get onto the topic o punishment endings in romance series or especially yuri ones.
@Mario: There's not much point in watching haganai when Yahari exists, haganai grew stale to where I never bothered checking the second season, it ran its course after a couple of episodes.
Agree, I like yuri as a concept, but most shows bore me, especially if it's those weird mixes between fanservice, sudden drama and comedy. I actually like Bloom into You because it knows exactly what it wants and the characters don't suffer from the tropes most yuri shows annoy me with.
It’s a rubbish I guiltily enjoy watching haha
Atm I’m doing a little anime marathon of watching shows from early 2010s. Currently watching Haganai. Boy that show is crap
@Kaiser: It's always better to drop. If you don't enjoy it, drop it. I even dropped shows that were, IMO, objectively good. But doesn't help if I can't feel it. I rather use the time watching a movie I actually care about
Bloom into you has made me want to go on a binge/bender of reading/watching yuri/shoujo-ai series.
When something isn't even allowed to be good or bad.
Do watch Bloom into You though. I think it’s one of the better yuri shows in recent years
Series with ambition and potential that end up not working on any level are definately some of the worst failings. Though personally its the things I can't say anything about that are often worse.
It has some neat ideas when you get into it. I like the story behind the hireman and his daughter. I like the backstory of Donna the assassin. But most of the time it’s the way the show displays these themes. It’s incoherent and it tries too hard and it’s clunky and stupid
I used to finish out shows I didn't like, well up to 2011, but not anymore, don't have the strength nor care to have the ability to, especially if its something popular I don't like.
In the end I think it's one of those many many series that wanted too much and couldn't even get one of their plot themes right.
Same, dropped it near the end when I was sure nothing great would happen anymore. I usually dislike dropping series unless it's after/during episode one. The crazy thing is that ReRideD has a lot of elements I am a fan of, elements that look good on paper, which is why I had hope.
Yeah, don’t bother watching it unless you’re a junkie like I am. I was watching it and kept hoping that it could become better later on. It never did
@SuperMario: Someone here linked a review of ReRideD a few weeks ago, I read it back then and it perfectly summarized why it is so bad. I actually think that long review didn't mention a single positive thing, he.
Actually, its best moment is the one segment where it has nothing to do with the main plot or Derrida the main character. It’s the beginning of episode 10 where it tackles about identity and the dangerous in advanced technology in the lesser-Kon approach. Of course it’s pale comparing to Kon but at least it has moments of genuine spark there
Ahh Redrided, I finished it yesterday, I absolutely don’t see any good points about it. It’s just so bad in every level
@anon: I haven’t seen the one this week (ep12), will watch that tonight. Ep11 was a game-changer though, but I’m not too sure if it can close up neatly
I honestly think DD could've been better off as just a series of stand-alone episodes with some continuity nods instead of trying to create a connected narrative that goes nowhere fast (and is likely going off the rails). These characters are great honestly but they deserve a better story (or stories).
@SuperMario: thanks. Kinda sad it's nowhere as good as Tiger and Bunny it seems. But the problem is that spin offs never work because they take away what made the main series special in most cases. Like with TaB not only the Super Heroes but the sponsors and that whole corruption subplot in the media and entertainment morals.
Did you see the latest episode of DD?
@Amagi: while I didn’t really enjoy the 1st season of Golden Kamuy, the second one is a step up for me. It gets much more goofier but it’s so damn sure of itself. Double Decker you can pretty much take it or leave it. Couple solid episodes here and there but as a whole DD doesn’t leave much impact
Also, apprently they have a staff role just for making those boob-bouncing looks real and all
Regarding ImoImo, yeah the staff using pseudonym because they don’t want their names associated with the horrible animation of the show, but I also heard that thwy haven’t been paid properly either
This probably looks like the case of animators who wanted nothing to do with it, but were required to do it anyways or else they don't get their meager pay. Hence, they end up half-assing their efforts just to get it over with. They don't care if they get laid off as long as they get it done.
Like holy crap, that Imouto show actually has animators who seem to be revolting, or at least acknowledge that they're basically going to be laid off after this finishes airing. One guy even chose not to credit his name, and went by a psudonym that said "Honestly, I'm Screwed".
I always forget Doubledecker and Golden Kamui II exist despite liking the first episode/season. Maybe I will pick them up next week, I wasted two hours of my life watching the first episodes of Akanesasu, ReRideD and Slime so could risk watching them instead, they can't be as bad or boring as those.
There is potential to parody dub it I think.
Judging by these ranking numbers it seems like it will sell 500 at max but that would be too good.
It's some screenshot of mine from /a/. I guess it will maybe sell 1800? Maybe more due to fans who buy everything as long as it has incest so maybe 2400 or so but not more.
Take these with a grain of salt since there are quite some fans who only order during the day of release or buy it in shops but I don't think that will change much:
I think it's getting the cheap harem treatment in which the produceres themselves barely care and only shit out some garbage to boost the novel sales. It doesn't seem to do well.
It makes me wonder what the sales for it are like or what it outsells so I can despair at the Japanese fanbase.
I only see the horrible QUALITY it has, people post screenshots on /a/ to make fun of it.
I know no oe cares/no-one watches it nor should they, but hell Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai is a special special kind of absolute failure.
Looking forward to the new Youjo Senki film.
My comments didnt go down, but I am looking forward to this season. Dororo and Mob Psycho are my two big ones, but I think im going to keep up with at least 6
It's not just fear that there might be open questions (that usually doesn't happen as long as the series is original) but that you need to SHOW stuff to make it work, not tell. And there is usually not much time to show everything anymore judging by the pacing most anime tend to have.
You know I really hate it when directors love to destroy any kind of climax by shoving in some unnecessary episodes near the end of a series and cram all the plot, development and backstories into the last 15 minutes (-5 because series also have an epilogue)
Well yes I suppose I can at least watch dororo because its by Tezuka alongside boogiepop. And run with the wind has its second cour.
If I am lucky there are five series that interest me next season. Granted, this one was weak too and the only mentionworthy series were Run with the Wind and Gridman for me.
Wow another anime PV, thanks Aidan. Seems like this is coming out bi-monthly now, I bet I will be 90 years old in two (subjective) years from now without noticing. AND I totally forgot Date a Lif/ve was even a thing.
Well fug, seems like I was right regarding some specific thing.
Post dooooone. Now I can read the preview! Yaaay
@Mario: I can vote in the poll without issue.
@Mario: I'd like him to do more Spanish language films.
@Aidan: Jesus fuck I hated Magical girl ops so damn much.
Actually every shot in Roma manages to standout.
@Mario : Although it was raunch and smut, nonetheless I liked y tu mama tambien more than other people.
And Cuaron said in the interview that the single image that represents the film is the last shot of her walking up the metal staircase
@Mario: Just like in alien where Ridley Scott didn't tell the cast in THAT scene!
@Mario: Oh, I certainly liked the warmth and naturalism that was kind of there. Handled the class thing decently well too.
For example, the hospital scene was played out without the lead actor knowledge. She didn't know about that *twist*, she just got swept to the moments beyond her and we sense that as well
@Kaiser:I didn't really connect to the film either, but I guess we're the minority here. I do learn that Cuaron keeps most of the script away from the actors, especially the maid. So in many scenes what the character acts on screen are genuine
@Aidan: Did you read the doro manga for the preview or the old anime? Watching an anime episode in black and white must have been odd. Also, when I watched boogipop for the first time years ago I was confused by it initially but didn't reject it, trippy atmosphere and stuff.
I want my youjo senki and bunny-girl senpai movies and I want them now wah, wah.
@Mario: and that later scene with her in the hospital actually did kind of get me even though I knew it was coming. It also never felt un-earnest or manipulative.
Also noticed callbacks to his other films in it sort of.
Thought it was pretty watchable man.
@Mario: I didn’t really emotionally connect with it and probably because I’ve seen so many of these dramas I can predict the whole thing, but it did maintain my interest and I liked how he captured the flavour of the time (such as the riots/political rally/douchebag male characters/talk about people having their land taken off them)
@Mario: I decided to watch Roma by Alfonso Curon, on a visual level this is definitely a beautifully rendered film and the photography is especially impressive just before and during the forest fire scene. I watched it in the highest possible quality and it really does benefit this.
@Mario: Damn democracy =<
I hope that's just me but I can't vote on the poll thing
Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu was definitely my favorite short this year. I found it incredibly amusing since it's basically a typical mecha series if the main character and his arch-enemy (and plot twist brother) were both insecure, self-centered narcissists.
Boogiepop is the show I'll end up watching.
Neverland I fell behind on when they got to the part in the village where the monsters hunt people.
See heres my thing with Kaguya, I never thought I'd find it funny and certainly I doubt I like it as much as others do, but even though after 50 or so chapters of laughing at it, like most comedy manga that are long, I never feel pushed to read every chapter.
I just learned to accept Zombieland Saga again after the fuckup since episode three since some of the following episodes were pretty good despite the idol stuff and being rather formularic, both the last two killed my hopes yet again and not hoping for too much considering the problem of the latest episode isn't fully solved yet.
I dropped Uma Musume after five minutes
@Kaiser: Shoko's arc will apparently be covered in the upcoming movie. The remaining episodes will only focus on Kaede.
Unlike Uma though, Zombieland doesn't have Granblue codes in the BDs this time, so it might not reach those same sales heights. Makes you wonder if Uma did well in Japan solely because of the codes.
Granted, like Zombieland Saga, I didn't hate it. But unlike Zombieland where it became what it purported to parody, this was exactly what I was expecting it to be. Safe and really dull.
And to top it off, they included SSR codes for Granblue with the BDs of the series as a form of cross-promotion. That managed to maximize sales for the series. Not even Zombieland Saga was this obviously safe.
Let's see, it's a sports anime complete with the stereotypes you'd expect, a CGDCT show, a moe anthropomorphism series where the horses are girls, and an idol series with most of the trademarks of that genre (yuri undertones, banal songs, creepy fanservice, etc.) and it's a mobile game adaptation to boot.
Of all the shows I watched this year, Uma Musume was probably the safest, most conservative show that I've ever seen this year which took the least risks, and threw in everything they could in the hopes of maximizing blu-ray sales. It's saving grace is P.A. Works' animation, but that's to be expected with even their worst shows.
I haven’t watched the latest one yet but isn’t it a bit too... quick?
What the hell? Only one episode and BF already wiped out 3 bad men?
Unrelated, but I wish more ecchi/hentai genuinely tried to mix in emotions and sensuality even into the more fetishist stuff. I like everything to be y'know sad and stuff.
Seeing that bastard get it in banana fish is so satisfying.
I still wish this show had 24 episodes.
I don't think there's enough time for Shoko's arc though and this episode was rushed.
*in bunny-senpai
Oh my God I wanna save the sister bunny-sepai =<
All 3 of BF devil trio are out :) Now we have to deal with Foxx as final boss though? Not sure about that
@Vonter: I enjoyed what I read of gunsmith cats but I've only read parts of it, not the whole thing, I also saw its prototype riding bean which was schlocky fun.
@Vonter: I'm honestly not sure. But I'll say this, wasn't there some campaign to get a new gunsmith cats anime out?
I wonder where they're going with Yut Lung though. I expected Ash to kill him in a mad fury over what happened to Eiji, but his conversation with Blanca (about finding love instead of being ruled by anger and hatred) suggests that some kind of redemption may lie in store for him.
@Kaiser-Eoghan How is it compared to Gunsmith Cats?
I knew Banana Fish wouldn't go through with Eiji's death. But hey, at least it looks like Golzine is finally dead! Although I really wish someone with more of a history with him had done the deed. Or you know, someone with some actual personality. Foxx is such a lame blend of villain tropes I wish he would die already. If he really ends up as the final boss of the series I'd be pretty disappointed
@Vonter: Its possibly because its so old. As for myself I've only seen the first series and read a few volumes of the manga, what I followed was largely episodic.
@Kaiser-Eoghan - It isn't as heavily marketed, I wasn't aware there were that many. It's this a niche series?
@Vonter: There are several films live action and animated and three anime series based on it.
The new City Hunter movie looks great. It seems to have buddy cop vibe. Were there only OVAs or did this manga ever got a TV series?
Oh right, that makes sense. Heh.
Ha, you merged his names.
Ah, that is the curse of watching an episode a week, forgetting things like that, can't believe I couldn't remember that.
Eh, Kurahara. Where did I even get that name from.
@Lenlo: he's a reporter. He's one of the people interviewing Fujioka in episode 7 (or more precisely, he's watching him being interviewed). He also seems to notice Kakeharu then.
@Lenlo: Or maybe a washed up former runner from years ago?
Im sad Kaze Fui has a 3 week break, but cant wait for January now. As for the guy at the end, I want to say he is probably a reporter of some kind? Kurahara was a good runner in highschool and seemingly quit, yet is now running for a no-name team. Thats a scoop
It was pretty tense actually.
I didn't cry during that scene in made in abyss, you know the one where riko freaks out, the arm scene. But it was somewhat stressful.
I haven't come across ojisama to neko. Perhaps I'll read a few chapters of it.
Hope they will do a first season of it by turning it into a 5 minute anime now. I mean it has an old man who tries to be the best father for his pet and it has a CAT, what else does a series need to be successful in the age of the internet?
I didn't know Ojisama to Neko was a hit. The series is so cute that every harmless piece of seriousness makes you feel like crying, it's pretty good but didn't expect it to be popular. Seems like it sells around 350k copies.
There are so many movies or anime that kill tons of characters and throw in even more tons of cry scene and I am still unable to feel anything.
MIA showed that it is always about how you depict a death scene and not so much about what's actually happening. I usually want to be sad whenever I am supposed to feel sad but it doesn't work. I had to cry during the MiA scene though even though it was "just" about some kind of pet, because that character lost her humanity long ago and suffered, so death was actually a good thing here. But still.
I guess we'll have to wait three weeks for the second cour to find out.
I really wonder who that guy at the end was though. He seems to have some beef with Kakeru judging by that look.
Man, seems like the next episode of Kaze ga won't air until January 8. I was really getting invested in their continued training, even through rough weather this episode.
@Mario: Although definitely different and admire it for that, the stage like aesthetic of dogville didn't work for me. He did do comedies though such as boss of it all, the idiots and some of Kingdom .
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