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trr has its own section now!! can’t wait to see a fourth book here. :)



drake x mc; lythikos 💕

in love with this beautiful commission done by @ditto-moon thank u!!


i can’t believe so many of y’all started playing trr when maxwell was a sure thing… like u have no idea the months and months of begging and campaigning and clinging to tiny insignificant moments we had to do in order to get that man. respect ur elders this veterans day


Corgi (TRR) animation wit screenshots




It’s always the little things 💕


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there!! take all the love from me!! also i hope you guys having a great day and also good luck for everyone whose taking the exam, and such! 

Take care! also don’t forgot to rest and eat and drink!


Thank you so much Ari! Take Care too and lets always look in the bright side We can make everyday awesome! 😉💞


so. mandatory “new book” question: what did you name your mc?


Gretchen from Mean Girls 💁🏽‍♀️💖



I’m sorry I couldn’t include all of the bi girls I love all of them


PB Writers

We’ve all seen the Inside Choices posts that appear after the release of a new book. Idk if anyone else actually reads them, but in the posts, the names of the writers that worked on that specific book are mentioned. I thought it’d be interesting to see if any books shared writers, so I looked back through all the Inside Choices posts and HOLY SHIT was it interesting.

Interesting finds:

• Two of the Across The Void writers also wrote RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. That explains a lot!

• The other ATV writer also worked on Endless Summer

• Two of the writers for the It Lives series also wrote The Crown and The Flame

• Both of the Hero writers haven’t written any other books. I’m guessing they left, which means we probably won’t be getting a book 2…

• ¾ of the Bloodbound writers are also writing The Elementalists, so we may not get Bloodbound 2 for a while

The Full List:

Chelsa - The Elementalists, Bloodbound, It Lives in the Woods, The Freshman, The Sophomore

Emi - The Elementalists, Bloodbound

Maya - The Elementalists, The Sophomore

Jessica - The Elementalists, Bloodbound

Brandon - It Lives Beneath, It Lives in the Woods, The Crown & The Flame

Kathleen - It Lives Beneath, It Lives in the Woods, The Crown & The Flame, Big Sky Country, The Haunting of Braidwood Manor

Nicky - It Lives Beneath

Wendy - Class Act, High School Story

Emily - Class Act

Brianna - Class Act, High School Story

Rachel Z - Class Act, High School Story

Sara - The Senior, The Junior, The Sophomore

Shayn - The Senior, The Junior

Elizabeth - The Senior, The Junior, The Sophomore

Saran - The Senior, The Junior, The Sophomore

Taylor - Perfect Match

Jaylee - Perfect Match

Natasha - Perfect Match

Coco - Perfect Match, Red Carpet Diaries, Rules of Engagement

Coral - Across The Void, Rules of Engagement

Ariel - Across The Void, Rules of Engagement

Taage - Across The Void, Endless Summer

Rachel - Desire and Decorum (probably also HSS, two Rachels work on HSS)

JBH - Desire and Decorum

Ali - Desire and Decorum

Megan - America’s Most Eligible, Home for the Holidays, Love Hacks

Kelsie - America’s Most Eligible

Cat - America’s Most Eligible, Home for the Holidays

Andrew - Red Carpet Diaries, Veil of Secrets, Endless Summer, Bloodbound, Most Wanted

Jilly - Red Carpet Diaries, Veil of Secrets

Max - Veil of Secrets, High School Story

Jen - Endless Summer

Luke - Endless Summer

Owen - Bloodbound, Perfect Match, Love Hacks, Endless Summer, Big Sky Country, Most Wanted

Rachel S - High School Story

Jennifer - The Royal Romance, Rules of Engagement

Meagan - The Royal Romance

Olivia - The Royal Romance

Kara - The Royal Romance, Rules of Engagement, The Crown & The Flame

Jeffrey - The Royal Romance

Eric - Red Carpet Diaries, The Crown & The Flame

Royal - Hero

Keyan - Hero

(Credit to damienismyhabit for Kathleen and Owen, thank you!)

(Credit to davesreyes for help with Andrew, thank you too)

(Credit to anon for for help with Chelsa, thank you as well)

Anonymous asks:
could u pls provide us a transparent of your beckett face edit?



the quality of his face isn’t the best, but i hope will be ok for you
Beckett Harrington