New Merchandise

We will be rolling out a heap of TVP Merchandise in the coming weeks for you guys to purchase. Such as Shirts (now available), Jumpers, Towels, Stubbies, Schooners and anything else you mad cunts come up with. You do not need to register on the website to purchase merchandise. However you will not have access to all the good content if you don’t.

Business Directory

Grab discounts and & better service from other TVP Members!
Just type in your post code to see what businesses are near you. If you own your own business you can submit it to the directory by clicking the “create listing” button. Once your business has been approved you can immediately start looking after the boys!

News Feed

This is a topics/discussion page. Feel free to post practically anything you like here without it being deleted. I don’t think we need to mention certain things that aren’t allowed, but all you fellas know what the pub is about. ┬áSo get posting!


We will be hosting all competitions throughout the website as well, which will prevent our crazy shit being deleted by Facebook. As well as organising it all in one place and a better place to submit/manage votes etc.