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  1. Aug 23

    Its another Phonic Taxidermist 47.2b video! Yes, i know, i know.... we'll come up with something new soon, just as soon as you bastards stop insisting on giving us money to do things and theres some spare time. You only have yourselves to blame! 😉

  2. Aug 22

    One for the discerning slotted nut tightener out there, and i know there are a few of you. 😉 Its never let us down in over a decade!

  3. Aug 21

    Continuing our recent trend for offering mods for an increasingly limited demographic, the Alesis Nanoverb 2 reclocking and RAM loop mods are now available for your unit on the site.

  4. Aug 20

    Join us on a trip to Nine Inch Nails central with this sexy new demo video of X1L3's new Underwurlde glitching delay eurorack module. It includes some very extensive processing of a circuitbenders CB55 percussion board.

  5. Aug 20

    The problem with being given £20 free advertising credit by Facebook, is that you just end up getting several hundred likes from the kind of people who are perfectly willing to click like on adverts on Facebook..... and they're the worst kind of people.

  6. Aug 12

    The PAIA Gnome is the worlds most difficult synth to repair, as it appears to be the only synth in history that just sounds completely broken when its 100% functional. What the hell is this thing meant to be?

  7. Aug 12

    If we add the words "soundgas serviced" to any ebay listing, does that mean we can triple the price for no apparent reason? Is that how it works? If you have a strange desire to pay over £2000 for a SH101 then by all means get in touch asap!

  8. Aug 8

    Apparently its today, so you should probably...... i don't know...... something involving cats and synths and giving us money. Fill in your own tenuous reasoning. We can't be expected to keep up this tsunami of white hot marketing excellence 24 hours a day!

  9. Aug 6

    The Akai Remix88. The Japanese stealth edition of the Akai S20, with some seriously poor choices in the font department! This one has our standard S20 sample grinding switch matrix, but also has a HxC/Gotek USB drive floppy replacement.

  10. *WIN A BOLLARD* The most popular competition in the history of twitter is back. It's the prize you've all been waiting for. RT and follow to be in with a chance of winning this magnificent Monoscape Bridgeford Smooth Grey Concrete Bollard worth £178.80

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  11. Jul 31

    Theres nothing quite like the moment when you were sure you'd turned your theremin off, and then scare the shit out of yourself walking past it!

  12. Jul 30

    I've never been entirely sure why most sites charge up to £15 for replacement SH101 power buttons! I'm guessing its a case of "well, everyone else charges that much, so we might as well do the same" We're not charging that much.

  13. Jul 29

    Have you got a Roland R5 or R8 and don't have the official power supply with the power plug that doesn't exist anywhere else? We have a new mod tutorial to allow you to run the machine from a standard external power supply.

  14. Jul 26

    Is it possible to demonstrate a Fairlight without playing 'how much is that doggie in the window' using the sound of a dogs bark? BBC Tomorrows World demonstrate once again that the answer is and always will be, no.

  15. Jul 25

    An ART SGX LT, which is a essentially a Multiverb LT with a distortion front end strapped on. It now has a new reclocking knob for the digital FX section. Not overly exciting, but the distortion knob goes up to 11, which makes up for any lack of thrills in the modding department!

  16. Jul 19

    everyone needs a DIY 7 note laser harp for under £8 don't they?

  17. Jul 18

    lets all just take a moment to remember that right now, someone somewhere is dealing with a customer who is furious that their order was sent to exactly the shipping address that they supplied, rather the correct shipping address that they didn't use. Autofill is not your friend!

  18. Jul 17

    Trying to explain the concept of irony to a right wing American who thinks they've won a debate simply because they don't understand the argument. Thats always fun....... 🙄

  19. Jul 16

    We have a limited number of Roland R8/R8M percussion grinding bundles available including the ridiculously over engineered plug in patch box, the interface card, a DB25 cable and some patch cables. If you want one take a look at

  20. Jul 12

    We were going to post a Roland R8 video today, but some cretin managed to set up the camera wrong so its all a blurred murky mess. The sound is ok though, so for what its worth heres a brief minute of percussion grinding R8 action.


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