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    Oct 6

    Turn those scary campfire stories into your next stop motion movie! There are nine terrifying, spooky, and freaky Stikbot Monsters who can bring the scare to life...

  2. Nov 16

    Thanksgiving is less than a week away! What will you be eating!? Find your birthday month on Chef Fred's menu and let me know what food you got!

  3. Nov 10

    31 kids are missing... Quill, the monster hunter is the town's last hope to bring them home! The have been connected to the disappearances. Can he defeat the monsters and save the children?

  4. Nov 2

    We love seeing all these Stikbot Halloween Costumes. Keep them coming!

  5. Oct 31

    Happy Halloween to all you awesome fanbots out there! Hope to see lots of you dressed as a Stikbot today! 🎃

  6. Oct 29

    This is going to be the spookiest What the Bot ever! Are you ready?

  7. Oct 26

    Happy ! What should I carve my pumpkin into?

  8. Oct 26

    Can Stikbot face his fears in the spooky monster survival challenge or will the show need to find a new host?

  9. Oct 19

    Oh no! You're trapped in Insector's web! How will you get out!?

  10. Oct 19

    This is what the whole world has been waiting for... The clash between the decent Chef Fred and the legendary Chef Gigi! Who will win the $100 gift card?

  11. Oct 13

    This is the final season of OFF THE GRID! Can Striker, Pixel, Shift, and Jamie defeat Highlord Regalius and save the GRID?

  12. Oct 12
  13. Oct 5
  14. Oct 4

    Are you ready a scare? Maddie and Henry are going to do a Stikbot Monsters unboxing!

  15. Sep 28

    Welcome to ! On this tour, you'll see the true stories of each Stikbot Monster: Kyron, Aquafang, Grim, Gigantus, Goblin, Insector, Cerberus, Scorch, and Giggles. However, the tour guide...

  16. Sep 25

    This is the FINALE of The Botchelorette! Who will Jenny choose, Bumblebee or Captain America?

  17. Sep 24

    The new episode of What the Bot is out with special appearances from the Headless Stikbot, Tarzan, SuperBot, and more! Don't miss it!

  18. Sep 22

    Luke has been captured... Can Elvis save him? Is all hope lost for Stikbots?

  19. Sep 20

    Congrats to all of the contest winners! Should I do this every month? Respond with a 👍 or 👎

  20. Sep 19

    The Sorta Scary Monster Movie is out now! Watch it now, if you're not too scared...


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