‘He’s going to be impeached’: Ex-campaign adviser Sam Nunberg says Trump can’t outrun Mueller

https://youtu.be/OmkS6Rqp-LQ   President Donald Trump could become the third United States President to be impeached by the House of Representatives, former Trump campaign advisor Sam Nunberg predicted during a Saturday morning appearance on “Up with... Read More

Thousands gather to block London bridges in climate rebellion

More than 50 people were arrested on Saturday as thousands of demonstrators occupied five bridges in central London to voice their concern over the looming climate crisis. Protesters including families and pensioners began massing on... Read More

American Fascination of Ancient Dead Egyptians

by Ahmed Tharwat More than 1200 years ago, two ancient Egyptian cities vanished from the face of the earth, due to natural disasters.  It took the French underwater archaeologist Frank Goddio, more that 40 years... Read More

More than 14,000 immigrant children are in U.S. custody, an all-time high

The number of undocumented immigrant children in government custody has topped 14,000 for the first time, a rise that shows no signs of slowing as the Trump administration enforces policies that are keeping them in... Read More

Brexit deal: five ministers lobby May to renegotiate draft text

Five Eurosceptic cabinet ministers are pressing Theresa May to make last-minute changes to her controversial Brexit deal. Having opted to remain in the government, Michael Gove will work with other Brexit-backing cabinet ministers to urge... Read More

RIP, California GOP: Republicans lash out after midterm election debacle

Republicans like Madrid also mourned another low point this week: the defeat of Southern California Assemblyman Dante Acosta, marking the demise of the last GOP Latino legislator — in a state where Latinos comprise the... Read More

Trump to deliver Mueller questions next week

“They’re all done,” #Trump told reporters on the South Lawn before leaving the White House to travel to California for a visit in the wake of deadly wildfires.   President TrumpDonald John TrumpMia Love pulls... Read More

Kyl: No decision on how long to serve in Senate

Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) said Tuesday that he hasn’t decided how long he’ll serve as the late John McCain’s appointed replacement and kept the door open to suggesting that Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) — who... Read More

As relationship sours, Macron tells Trump France is not vassal of U.S.

PARIS (Reuters) – President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday told Donald Trump that France was the #United States’ ally and not a vassal state after the U.S. president attacked him in a series of tweets that... Read More

Trump claims an ID is needed to buy cereal and that fraudulent voters simply switch hats

There’s no good argument underlying President Trump’s insistence that U.S. elections are undermined by rampant voter fraud. There’s no evidence at all that they are, despite years of looking and years of rhetoric like Trump’s.... Read More

How will parliament’s many tribes vote on the Brexit deal?

Parliament does not just split into leavers and remainers. In fact, there are a number of volatile factions that party whips on both sides of the House of Commons will need to navigate when the... Read More

A Queer Look at Jonestown at 40

by Rev. Irene Monroe This November 18th marks the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre.  The mass murder-suicide was the largest casualty of American citizens before 9/11. With forty years since the Jonestown massacre, a... Read More

“Insanity,” “Furious,” “On His Own”: Trump’s Post-Midterms Blues Are Vexing His Staff and Roiling the White House | Vanity Fair

As Donald Trump’s West Wing careens through one of the most turbulent weeks of his presidency, White House officials are struggling to understand the source of the fury fueling the president’s eruptions. “This is a... Read More

McVey and Raab quit as May addresses MPs over Brexit deal | Politics | The Guardian

Dominic Raab has resigned as Brexit secretary, saying he “cannot in good conscience support the terms of the deal”. In his resignation letter he said the proposed arrangement to avoid a border with Northern Ireland... Read More

Will the Republican Party keep dancing with autocracy?

When a national leader urges that votes be ignored, or that an election result he doesn’t like might best be set aside, we label him an autocrat or an authoritarian. When it’s President Trump, we... Read More

Hyde-Smith’s ‘public hanging’ joke shakes up Mississippi runoff

A backlash against Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s (R) “public hanging” joke is shaking up the Senate runoff race in Mississippi, prompting Republican concerns about their chances of retaining the deep-red seat. A video shared by a... Read More

How Trump’s move to put a loyalist over Mueller is already backfiring

In choosing Matthew Whitaker to temporarily succeed ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions, President Donald Trump has placed a loyal ally who has been critical of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in a position to oversee it.... Read More

Staff anger spills over at White House

Bottled-up hostility in President Donald Trump’s administration flowed to the surface Tuesday during a remarkable 12-hour period following an awkward midterm détente and tense trip to Paris over which the president is still seething. “It’s... Read More

Supermarkets still produce thousands of tonnes of plastic bags

Big supermarkets are producing billions of single-use plastic bags each year despite charges that are designed to reduce their use by the public. The UK’s 10 leading supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose, Co-op and... Read More

Op Ed: Tropical Trump Declares War on Amazonia

by Robert Hunziker When it comes to planetary carnage, Trump (Amerika’s president) is facing strong competition. Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro aka “Tropical Trump” will likely outdo Amerika’s destroy the EPA Trump. Bolsonaro declared war... Read More

Five days of fury: Inside Trump’s Paris temper, election woes and staff upheaval

As he jetted to Paris last Friday, President Trump received a congratulatory phone call aboard Air Force One. British Prime Minister Theresa May was calling to celebrate the Republican Party’s wins in the midterm elections... Read More

NHS ‘could be short of 350,000 staff by 2030’

The staffing crisis in the NHS is deepening so fast that the service could be short of 350,000 key personnel by 2030, health experts have warned. Staff shortages are set to become so serious that... Read More

Democrats signal aggressive investigations of Trump while resisting impeachment calls

Fresh off a resounding midterm elections victory, House Democrats on Sunday began detailing plans to wield their newfound oversight power in the next Congress, setting their sights on acting attorney general Matthew G. Whitaker while... Read More

‘Build the wall’ toy says Trump’s wall would protect against ‘mob’ of migrants

Conservative gift retailer Keep and Bear will soon begin shipping a “build the wall” toy which resembles a LEGO product and extols the virtues of President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall along the United States’ southern border... Read More

In China, Desperate Patients Smuggle Drugs. Or Make Their Own.

JINZHOU, China — Zhang Zhejun used a fat plastic straw to gently tap the pale yellow pharmaceutical powder onto a piece of silver foil that lay on an electronic scale. He made sure the amount was... Read More

‘Being silenced is not acceptable’: Doctors express outrage after NRA tells them ‘to stay in their lane’

At first, Judy Melinek didn’t know how to respond when she learned about a National Rifle Association tweet last week telling doctors who dared enter the gun debate “to stay in their lane.” But two... Read More

Scoop: Democrats to probe Trump for targeting CNN, Washington Post

House Democrats plan to investigate whether President Trump abused White House power by targeting — and trying to punish with “instruments of state power” — the Washington Post and CNN, incoming House intelligence committee chairman... Read More

Retailers to pay up to £1bn for recycling under waste strategy

Supermarkets, retailers and major drinks brands are set to pay tens of millions of pounds more towards recycling their used packaging under the government’s new waste strategy expected to be published this month, the Guardian... Read More

The Strange Case of American Diplomats in Cuba: As the Mystery Deepens, So Do Divisions in Washington

Trump officials insist the Americans were attacked, even as the evidence fails to materialize. “The Cuba thing is one of the few unsolved mysteries we’ve got,” an official said. by Tim Golden and Sebastian Rotella... Read More

In Paris, a relatively understated Trump finds he’s still the center of the world’s attention — and outrage

President Trump likes to throw Twitter bombs that explode in concentric circles of offensiveness. He delivers speeches that contain insults and falsehoods. He announces policies on a whim, some constitutionally questionable. But on a trip... Read More