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Features – Citystate – New Indie City Building Game

Create your nation from scratch! #City-Building-Game-2018 #Political-Simulator #Economy-Simulation #Indie-Management-Game #Sandbox-Game


Citystate releases the political animal lying in all of us. You are free to experiment, fail, succeed – without guidance nor rule.

It’s a political sandbox in which you plan, build and rule a micro nation from scratch.

Management games always focus on a mere matter: urban planning, transportation, industry or even just a specific business. Focusing on a single part of what makes a nation’s economy is nice, it feels like everything stays under control. Instead, Citystate raises the player to the macro-management level. This comes with a lot more uncertainties but also more freedom.

In the recent years tech-trees became a must have of all management games. Citystate takes the opposite path, the player has full control over its creation from start. The game-play stands on experimentation and creativity, let your own ideology guides your way!

Citystate is a political sandbox, a nation builder and a city building game.

What do you want to know about?

How does the economy work?

How do politics affect the State?

How does a city grow?

What is the world made of?

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