Add Stunning Image Slider and Video Slider to Your WordPress

WonderPlugin Slider is a great way to create stunning image slider, video slider and posts slider for your WordPress website. The plugin supports images, YouTube, Vimeo, mp4, webm videos and WordPress posts. It's fully responsive, works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

  • Compatibility: WordPress 3.6 and above. The plugin is compatible with the new Gutenberg editor. For more information, please view Are Wonder Plugins compatible with the new Gutenberg editor.
  • By downloading or using the software, you agree to the Terms of Use.
  • The Free Version will add a watermark that links to the product home page. The Commercial Version will remove the watermark.
How to Create a WordPress Slider

Support images, Mp4 and WebM videos, YouTube and Vimeo

With the slider plugin, you can create image sliders, image sliders with videos, or video sliders.

WordPress Slider Plugin
WordPress Slider Plugin

All Devices and Web Browsers

The slider is compatible with mobile, tablets, desktop computers and all modern web browsers which include iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Fully Responsive

The slider is fully responsive which enables you to create mobile friendly websites.

Responsive WordPress Slider
Responsive WordPress Slider

Stunning Transition Effects

With the built-in transition effects, you can easily create stunning sliders without writing any JavaScript or CSS codes

Built-in Lightbox Effect

With the built-in Lightbox effect, you can open the images and videos in a Lightbox popup. Click to view the demo: WordPress Slider with Lightbox Popup.

Responsive WordPress Slider
Responsive WordPress Slider

Multiple Sliders In One Webpage

With the slider plugin, you can easily create, manage and embed multiple sliders to one WordPress website or even one page.

Wizard-style User Interface

With a self-explanatory user interface, the plugin is extremely easy to use. With the provided shortcode and PHP codes, it's also easy to insert the slider to your post, page and template.

Responsive WordPress Slider

What's New

Version 10.7 - December 2, 2018

  • Add an option to play muted video when autoplay on page load

Version 10.6 - November 15, 2018

  • Use CSS Slide as default transition effect
  • Add an option to add extra attributes to img elements in the slideshow

Version 10.5 - November 11, 2018

  • Add a transition effect: CSS Slide. The effect uses CSS to animate the slideshow and is smoother than jQuery based slide effect.

Version 10.4 - May 17, 2018

  • Fix minor bugs

Version 10.3 - May 16, 2018

  • In the Settings menu, add an option to specify the default image size for slider thumbnails
  • Add an option to use thumbnail URL or image URL for slideshow thumbnail images

Version 10.2 - April 25, 2018

  • Support the following macro variables in the post slider title and description: %post_title%, %post_excerpt%, %post_link%, %categoryid%, %categoryname%, %categoryslug%, %categorylink%
  • Add a transition effect: crossfade
  • Add a skin "Left Side Vertical Slider" which places the thumbnails on the left side of the slider
  • Fix the bug of loop playing not working when there is only one video

Version 10.1 - February 28, 2018

  • Stop loading thumbnail images when they are not required

Version 10.0 - February 3, 2018

  • Use advanced options to customise the slideshow transition effect parameters

Version 9.9 - November 21, 2017

  • Fix the bug of the option "Pause the slideshow on mouse over"

Version 9.8 - September 29, 2017

  • Strip HTML tags when the title text is used for img alt attributes

Version 9.7 - August 25, 2017

  • Add alt attributes to the dynamically created img elements
  • Fix the compatibility warnings with PHP 7 when checking with the plugin PHP Compatibility Checker

Version 9.6 - August 4, 2017

  • Add a function "Search and Replace" in the "Import/Export" menu. This function can be used to search and replace domain names in the sliders when you move your WordPress site to a new domain or change to HTTPS secure site.

Version 9.5 - July 13, 2017

  • Escape the text of title and description when they contain HTML code
  • Create WooCommerce slideshow

Version 9.4 - June 10, 2017

Version 9.3 - May 20, 2017

  • Add a new skin: Media Gallery
  • Support responsive thumbnails

Version 9.2 - April 28, 2017

  • Fix a problem of Ken Burns effect

Version 9.1 - March 1, 2017

  • Fix the "Invalid xml file" bug when importing a slider configuration xml file
  • In the plugin, step 1, Images & Videos tab, "Add Image" dialog, when adding multiple images with the button "Upload", apply the lightbox option to all images

Version 9.0 - January 19, 2017

  • Fix a problem of adding custom JavaScript code

Version 8.9

  • Change lightbox fullscreen mode default to false on small screen devices

Version 8.8

  • Add a button to modify and save pre-defined text effect

Version 8.7

  • Add an option to add custom JavaScript code
  • Enable native HTML5 video control bar for fullscreen video under Firefox and Internet Explorer 11
  • Add the attribute allowfullscreen to lightbox iframe
  • Add a lightbox advanced option maxheight: when data-maxheight="true" is added to the Lightbox Advanced Options input box, the lightbox will use the height of the web browser to calculate the maximum height of the lightbox.

Version 8.6

  • Add an option to remove inline CSS code
  • Add an option to add an extra backslash to double quotes when saving the slider options

Version 8.5

  • Compatible with jQuery 3.0 and above

Version 8.4

  • Import/export sliders

Version 8.3

  • Continue playing the slideshow when the current slide image does not exist

Version 8.2

  • Fix the problem of the menu Manage Sliders not working in version 7.9 on some WordPress installations

Version 7.9

  • Add a class name to the slider to specify the current slide

Version 7.8

  • Specify different text effect for each slide
  • Save a pre-made text effect as a new custom effect
  • Fix the bug of resizing images

Version 7.7

  • Support social media share buttons on the slideshow: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Fix the bug of icon class name conflict

Version 7.6

  • Support social media share buttons in lightbox popup: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Rearrange lightbox options to tabs

Version 7.5

  • Add a new text effect: Left Box

Version 7.4

  • Add an option to open the web link in lightbox when clicking on the slider

Version 7.3

Version 7.2

  • Support displaying a different slider on mobile and tablet devices. For example, the following shortcode will display slider ID 1 on desktop and display slider ID 2 on mobile and tablet devides: [wonderplugin_slider id=1 mobileid=2]

Version 7.1

  • Add an option to save sliders with Post method
  • Support specifying advanced options data-navbuttonbgimage, data-navarrowimage and data-navplaypauseimage with absolute URLs

Version 7.0

Version 6.9

  • Add an option to pause the slideshow on mouse over
  • Only display videos in the Media Library Selection Dialog when selecting a video file

Version 6.8

  • Add a new skin: Bottom Carousel
  • Enter data tag data-navplayvideoimage="play-24-24-0.png" to the Advanced Options to specify a smaller video play icon on thumbnails
  • Use data tag data-navthumbnavigationarrowimage to specify your own custom-made thumbnail carousel arrows

Version 6.7

  • Fix a bug in the skin Header

Version 6.6

  • Allow HTML5 source tags in title and description

Version 6.5

  • Fix a bug of playing HTML5 videos on Google Chrome when there are more than 6 videos in a slider

Version 6.4

  • Fix the bug when there are uppercase letters in WordPress database prefix

Version 6.3

  • Add an advanced option to trigger window resize event

Version 6.2

  • Display the plugin version type in the WordPress backend Plugins -> Installed Plugins page

Version 6.1

  • WordPress Posts Slider: add an option to link title to the post page
  • WordPress Posts Slider: add an option to open the featured image in lightbox

Version 6.0

  • Fix a bug in plugin update

Version 5.9

  • Fix a bug in ken-burns effect

Version 5.8

  • Support trash in slider management. The deleted slider will be moved to the trash in which you can restore or permanently delete it.

Version 5.7

  • Support lightbox auto slideshow
  • Add an option to always show the previous and next navigation arrows on lightbox
  • Display error notice on the WordPress Updates page if the free upgrade period is expired.

Version 5.6

  • Add an option to support adding the new item to the beginning of the list
  • Add a function to reverse the media list

Version 5.5

  • Fix the bug of resuming slideshow autoplay when lightbox is closed
  • Add an option to hide MP4/WebM video play control bar on lightbox
  • Add an option to display text on bottom, inside, left or right of the lightbox
  • Add an option to display lightbox in fullscreen mode. In fullscreen mode, the close button will be displayed on the top right corner of the web browser
  • Add an option to add prefix to title when the lightbox is displayed in gallery mode
  • Add an option to enable or disable closing lightbox when clicking on the overlay background
  • Move the left and right navigation arrows to the side of lightbox on touch screen. This will fix the issue of double clicking when playing video on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Version 5.4

  • Fix the bug of playing MP4 video on iPad iOS 9.1

Version 5.3

  • Fix the bug of video lightbox in iPad 2

Version 5.2

  • Support WordPress posts slider: create slider from recent posts or posts in specified categories

Version 5.1

  • Fix a minor bug of version 5.0

Version 5.0

  • Fix a bug of playing mp4 video in the lightbox popup under Firefox

Version 4.9

  • Fix bugs

Version 4.7

  • Fix a bug in responsive design

Version 4.6

  • Support adding alt text for slider images

Version 4.5

  • Fix bugs

Version 4.4

  • Add options to change the aspect ratio of sliders on small screen devices

Version 4.3

  • Add effects Tiles, Ken Burns, Flip, Flip with zoom
  • Create WordPress Ken Burns Slider
  • Add 3D effects 3D with zoom, 3D horizontal with zoom, 3D flip, 3D flip with zoom, 3D tiles
  • Create WordPress 3D Slider
  • Add options to define thumbnail width and height
  • Add an option to add slider js files to the footer
  • Add an option to display sliders in text widgets
  • Add options to define responsive CSS for texts on small screens

Version 4.2

  • Support version check and update

Version 4.1

  • Add an option to keep data when deleting the plugin from WordPress
  • Add events when opening a link and opening a lightbox popup

Version 4.0

  • Retrieve https links for YouTube and Vimeo videos when the website is using https protocol

Version 3.8

  • Fix minor bugs
  • Support loading images on demand

Version 3.5

  • Add an option "Extend to the parent container height"
  • Save the slider with POST method when AJAX does not work on the site

Version 3.4

  • Fix the bug when there are multiple sliders on one web page and the option "Auto hide text" is checked
  • Remember the volume in HTML5 video player

Version 3.3

  • Fix bugs

Version 3.2

  • Add option "auto hide text" to static text effect
  • Support macro variable SLIDERID in custom CSS

Version 3.1

  • Resume slider autoplay when Lightbox popup is closed

Version 2.9

  • Fix minor bugs

Version 2.6

  • Drag and drop to change image order in slider editor

Version 2.5

  • Add button and button link to slideshow
  • Add three skins: Content, ContentBox and TopCarousel
  • Add three text effects: Center text, Center box and Left text

Version 2.4

  • Add 7 new skins

Version 2.3

  • Add animated text effects
  • Add an option "Create a full width slider"
  • Add an effect "Elastic slide"

Version 2.2

  • Fix minor bugs

Version 2.1

  • Fix a minor bug in responsive mode

Version 2.0

  • Add two skins: Mediapage and Multirows
  • Support HTML tags in title and description
  • Support displaying description in Lightbox popup
  • Support displaying thumbnail navigation in Lightbox popup
  • Fix the bug of autohiding text showing up on slide switching

Version 1.9

  • Setup Lightbox popup size
  • Responsive Lightbox

Version 1.8

  • Support to set the minimum user role to Administrator, Editor or Author.

Version 1.7

  • Fix the bug of Advanced Data Options only working in preview

Version 1.6

  • Fix the bug of text effect when there are multiple sliders on one webpage

Version 1.5

  • Support single and double quotation marks in slider title and description
  • Fix the bug of fade effect with jQuery 1.11.0

Version 1.4

  • Fix minor bugs

Version 1.3

  • Fix a minor bug in user interface

Version 1.2

  • Fix the bug of not saving web link and target

Version 1.1

  • Add an option to configure slideshow interval
  • Add an option to select arrow image
  • Add an option to select navigation bullets