I Didn’t Want to Marry the Prince, So I Blew Up the Castle

Arocks141: Well, hello dear readers and enjoy another one of our originals, this time by Sage Yomeiri. Regarding a little girl who… Let’s just say she had a fiery temper. A very fiery temper.

Now, a note from the author:

Hey there! Ya probably seen my name floating around as an Editor here at Yado. Well, I do write on the side and I thought ‘why don’t I give trying to write an isekai otome a whirl?’ Well, it’s boring as-is since we’ve got a lot of clichés here and there.
Still, the otome genre can be pretty interesting ‘cause you got various takes, like people becoming a villain/villainess and trying their darn best to change things. Well, this is like that, except you can guess by the title how our little lovable girl does things. Hope ya enjoy y’all.
This is just a oneshot for now, but maybe later in the future I’ll be making it a full series – Sage Yomeiri

Now then, enjoy the story!


Strategist Witch Shizuku Vol. 0 Chapter 2

Wew, it’s finally here. It only took 5 god damned months. I wonder how long it’ll take for the next part of Laika to come up… that aside though. I’d also like to point out that before today, I had never even read or translated the synopsis for this story, I kinda went into it blind beside the info I was fed by flowingcloud.

Honestly, at some point, like last time. I had probably planned on making footnotes. But I was slacking then, and even now, I just don’t feel like trying to go through and find what I had wanted to do months ago when I had translated this, that’s right, I’ve been sitting on this for a long while. Same goes for the next part of Laika, however, I refuse to release anything un-translation checked. I prefer quality over quantity. If asked though, and I feel particularly inclined, I may look back through one time or two for some things to note. I could probably find a lot, considering this chapter was actually a struggle for me to translate and all.

Who knows when the next chapter’ll be out? Maybe sometime around my birthday two months from now. Also, I’ve finally decided to go and add a TOC, as well as add the novel to NU, so it can finally gain some real traction. Who knows, maybe if it or Laika ever gets more popular, I’ll find some incentive to really get the ball rolling. I even thought about translating Akugyaku no Black Maria again between the last update and now, but it was just so dreadful to like at like 10 pages of difficult Japanese. It used to be easier but has gotten increasingly difficult, like trudging through mud, even though it’s a real gem.

Without further ado, and much of my unneeded rambling, I give you, SWS Chapter Two:

Chapter 2

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