SKM Manga – Chapter 12

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Dahlia Chapter 12

Arocks141: Hey! I’m back! And yes, I know I owe you guys a loooo~t of chapters, don’t worry, I’ll get to them and get them to you.

More importantly, however, here is another chapter of our beloved magical devices craftswoman (not really) from RantingOtome~!

Now, without further delay:

RantingOtome: Enjoy reading the story!

Backstage dialogues (From Dahlia Chapter 11):

DC: Hurm… It looks like it’s already edited ShimizuA… Unless you’re demanding pristine backup editing. Which, is understandable.

ShimizuA: It’s Arocks’s self-edit. Never trust a self-edit. It will have bias.

DC: oh shit! He did translate dahlia!

Nara: I thought Ranting was translating this

DC: ^

ShimizuA: This one was translated by him

DC: Pikawut

Nara: Uhh… Okay…

A few moments (a month) later

Arocks141: Wtf?! I leave for a full month and the only thing you guys get done is the chapter I had already translated and edited?! WTF GUYS!!! (blissfully unaware of the troubles he caused)

Laika V1 Chapter 1 Part 3

Ello boys, I’m your host, Killer Keeeeeeeeemstar, and today I’m bringing you that juicy juice Laika part 3.

In all seriousness, sorry that it took like a year, I was actually done with this chapter quite a while ago but had been holding it off for not very good reasons. Regardless, who knows, it might be another year before the next one, even though I’ll be done by six months into it, if not less. If any translator is interested in helping out speed up the process in translating this, they are more than welcome to shoot me an email, or a DM on Discord(DC#9836), and we can work something out. Truthfully told, I want to see this story do well, but I’m too much of a lazy a*s to get it done in a reasonable fashion.

With all that being said, I’ll stop my rambling and let you guys read what you came here for.

Laika V1 Chapter 1 Part 3


P.S. I’d like to mention in passing that F**K it took a long time to get this up after writing this post initially, been here working on it for hours. Also, a lot of that aforementioned time was spent remodeling ALL of the parts, re-proofreading them, and adding a few footnotes that I left out previously, you’re welcome.

P.S.S. Nara said they’d force me to start being more productive to get these chapters out quicker so that you guys aren’t waiting a year. If you wanna hold that to ’em, join our discord and spam ping @Nara#8902

Dahlia Chapter 9

Arocks141: Another chapter from our translator, RantingOtome. Also thank manshiro for his great work in TLC.

Without any further ranting, enjoy the chapter!

Backstage Conversations –

manshiro: Dahlia chapter 9 is TLCd. I didn’t fix style or grammar, so an Editor should go over it to make it more uniform.

Arocks141: Ty! I’m on it xD

manshiro: Also, either the last part with the pretty boy description made me want to vomit, or I’m hungry.

Arocks141: I’ll add that in the notes section.

manshiro: I could literally feel the sparkles and flowers blooming in the background.

RantingOtome: Lol!

manshiro: Update – was just hunger.

Arocks141: Ah~! I see.

Dahlia Chapter 8

Arocks141: Hello~! So, after a brief discussion, I decided to use my (extremely) limited translating prowess to help RantingOtome double the number of releases she makes for this LN every week.

That said, I must thank the TLC, manshiro, for TLCing way more than any TLC should have to, given my horrible translation skills…

RantingOtome: Now, enjoy reading the story!

Dahlia Chapter 7

Some more developments with our future genius craftswoman, translated by RantingOtome. Thanks to manshiro for TLC…

Enjoy the story!

RantingOtome: I read the recently updated manga of Dahlia to see Tobias and he seemed like a nice guy… But now that I read the WN again, he’s the worst.

Manshiro: If this story had game-elements, Tobias would definitely have the ‘King of Dick Moves’ title.

Arocks141: I can’t seem to find my sniper rifle… Or my kunai!